The Benefits Of Open Plan Offices

Belfast 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

It isn’t that long ago that office design was all about cubicles and a lack of interaction. The open plan office changed all of that, and as a business trend, it continues to be the dominant form of office design. The transition from a personal workspace to one that is more open and shared is proving to be increasingly popular, but many business owners are still unaware of the many benefits. If you’re running your own business or are in the early stages of a launch, then you may not have considered an open plan office. This could be a mistake, as the advantages of an open plan office could give your company the edge that it needs to thrive.

Easier Collaboration

This is often cited as the biggest advantage that an open plan office has. Due to the fact that there are no physical walls between team members, collaboration has never been easier. Social employees are productive workers, and the easier that your business makes collaboration, the more you will benefit from increased creativity and input from your workforce. If you’re making use of a serviced office near Belfast, Liverpool, or Glasgow, then you also benefit from being able to collaborate with a diverse variety of businesses that are using the same space.

Social Health

Humans are social animals, and being able to grab some downtime with your colleagues is a good way to refresh yourself before returning to work. Socialising is proven to be good for both physical and mental health, and that makes it an essential component for better workflow in the modern business age. Open plan offices also benefit the health of your team due to improved airflow and better natural light, making them a great way to keep both healthy and productive. The best open plan offices will also have convenient resting places like a café or terrace where you can relax with other workers and bounce some ideas around.

Future Proofing

Nobody knows how well their business is going to do. Being able to make sure that your business is prepared for the future no matter what happens is therefore essential. Open plan offices give you space to play with, and you can better manage the layout and look of your workspace with an open plan design. By reducing the need for immovable cubicles and separate office spaces, you can get the maximum in flexibility without the need for higher costs. If you opt for a serviced office to rent, then you also get to manage your costs by only using what you need, As your business grows, you can increase the space that you make use of, making it easier to scale up when your business is thriving by using co-working or hot desking this can make expansion even more affordable.


If you’re used to working in a cubicle then you may not have considered the value of an open plan office space to rent. If you want your business to have an even better chance of success then it may be worth thinking beyond the cubicle walls and looking a little closer at the many additional benefits of an open office plan.