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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is ingrained in our corporate vision and values, our culture, and everyday actions. We are committed to creating positive impact for people, places and the planet.

Like you, we have big ambitions for what we're building and strong principles that drive us. We want to play a significant role in building the most responsible and responsive workplaces in the world.

We are developing an ambitious strategy that captures our goals and outlines our roadmap for getting there.

Our emerging goals are to purposefully:

  • Help tackle the climate emergency by creating carbon neutral workspaces across the UK and Europe
  • Strive towards zero waste and use of sustainable materials, by embedding circular economy principles into the way we design, operate and maintain our spaces
  • Enhance the health and well-being of our employees and members, through design of our spaces, our catering offer, running special initiatives and providing support services
  • Reduce inequalities and support the UK’s levelling up agenda, by creating social value in the communities we operate and supporting new businesses to thrive
  • Create positive social impact in the local communities surrounding the locations we operate in through investment, employment opportunity and philanthropy

As well as leading the way to being the most sustainable flexible workspace provider, we will be lending a hand to all of our members and working collaboratively to make strides in this area. Everything we do to improve the sustainability of our spaces automatically benefits our members.

Our vision is for a future in which every work environment and experience has a positive impact for people, places and the planet.

As we grow, so will our approach. Watch this space for further updates.

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