Testimonial: Elias Mistler, Previse

News 3 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Clockwise is the flexible workspace that works for its members. In the latest of a series of blogs, we find out from Clockwise members how the space in the iconic Savoy Tower is helping businesses to grow in Glasgow. Here, we sit down with Elias Mistler, Data Scientist at Previse, to find out about the benefits of our shared workspace.

Tell us about Previse

Previse is a fast-growing fintech company. Our artificial intelligence technology allows corporate buyers to pay all their suppliers instantly. It’s often said that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, yet 50% of the total value of invoices are held up in late payments. Our fintech solution helps lower costs for buyers and gives SMEs the confidence not to rely on short-term credit and instead re-invest in growing their businesses at the same time as boosting the economy. We started Previse in 2014 and moved to Clockwise in October 2017 when we shifted gears in scaling up the business. Originally being a London-based company, we moved our focus to Scotland, as part of the government-backed efforts to stop late payments and take advantage of the country’s excellent data science community.

What made you choose Clockwise for your business?

In our opinion, Clockwise is the best mix of what you would ask for in an office space. It’s modern and clean, reasonably priced and perfectly situated in the city centre. The staff are very friendly, helpful and extraordinarily quick. When we first moved in, it was a matter of a few days, and when we recently asked for a bigger office, we moved to it in within a single day.

What benefits does Clockwise provide for you and the business?

It’s simply the full package: not just the space and desks – virtually everything is taken care of, and there is a great community here at Clockwise. I wouldn’t know what else to ask for. We just moved to a bigger office within Clockwise and are very happy with the current situation. Even though Previse is a fast-growing company, with mid-term plans of hiring 37 people in Glasgow, we are looking forward to working with Clockwise in the future. Clockwise have kept us up-to-date with their development plans for the rest of the building and are in a good shape to provide us with bigger offices as we grow.

What would you say to other businesses or entrepreneurs thinking of working at Clockwise?

If you’re looking for shared, serviced office spaces, then look no further – you won’t find any better place in Glasgow anyways!

For more information on Previse, visit www.previse.se, or find them on Twitter @getsmepaid.