Getting The Most Out Of Your Collaborative Space

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Collaborative Space

If you’re new to shared office spaces, then you may not be using them to their full advantage. Many people opt to make use of serviced offices because they allow for easy access to business infrastructure while benefiting from a high-quality business address. While these are highly valuable, there are many additional ways to get more from this unique style of business environment. The more that you understand the advantages, the more you will benefit. For those new to shared offices, here are the four best ways to get more than you ever thought possible from this increasingly popular business premises.

Meet the People

The single biggest advantage of shared office spaces over traditional offices is the people around you. Due to the fact that a serviced office near Belfast, Glasgow, or Liverpool will attract a wide range of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of talents and creatives at all times. Networking is a key business skill, and a shared office space makes it easy to network between tasks. You may even find collaborators and new clients sharing the same space as you.

Use the Space

The best-shared office space to rent will have a variety of rooms and resting areas to use. For lone wolves who prefer peace and quiet, there will be private office rooms available. If you prefer the hustle and bustle, then you can work collaboratively at a hot desk in the middle of the co-working hub. Enjoy the buzz of working amongst like-minded, talented people.

Check the Perks

Serviced offices will have a range of options to consider when it comes to the price and access that suits you. Along with the essentials that come with that monthly fee, you may also have access to other perks as well. Being a part of the Clockwise community comes with some tantalising extras, including preferential rates at local bars, cafés, restaurants and health clubs. These can be very useful for both team building and for meeting potential new hires, or simply for getting more from your downtime.

Fresh Perspective

One of the best things about shared offices is that you have a lot more freedom than you do in traditional offices. A serviced office will allow you to swap desks when you feel that you need a shake-up. If you’re struggling with a particularly challenging business problem, it can be refreshing for your mind to get a new point of view. Obviously, every serviced office has different criteria, but sometimes a simple chat will make it possible to swap to the other side of the room. Being able to swap locations quickly and easily can also mean that you work alongside a greater variety of people, meaning that your networking and collaboration potential grows as well.

Shared offices are one of the fastest growing business trends in the modern age. If you’re considering making the move to a shared or serviced office to rent then be aware of the easy ways to get the most from it. That’s why it might be time to say hello to Clockwise – Stylish office space. Comfy breakout areas. Welcoming meeting rooms. Community. Privacy. Hot desks. Cool café. Showers. Bike storage. Beautiful broadband. And more. (Yes, more!) At Clockwise we’ve thought of everything so you can concentrate on making your budding business just brilliant. Register here and get a three month club membership on us. Yep, FREE!