5 signs you’re outgrowing your office

Belfast 1 year ago, Reading time: 2 min

Everyone has their own independent office needs. Whether it’s plenty of room at your workstation, a comfortable breakout area or modern and up-to-date equipment, these factors may end up being fundamental to your workplace happiness. If you’ve found that you resent coming to work at your current office space, here are a few indicators that could suggest you need to find a new office to work in. 

  • No Storage

If you work with different types of equipment, whether that’s printers, graphics tablets, or numerous files you need to reference, a lack of storage can be hugely frustrating. An office or desk that has plenty of places to store equipment can leave you with a clean and tidy desk space to work from. Not only that, but insufficient storage is a problem that is unlikely to get better unless you feel as if your company is prepared to invest in some new furniture or improve their office space.

  • Insufficient equipment

If your current workspace isn’t big enough, or the computers are out of date, you may find yourself thinking ‘I could have done this at home.’ If this is the case, you may wish to start considering a serviced office. You can bring your own devices, which is useful if you have all the office suites and performance you need on your own personal computers. 

  • No Private Areas

When it comes to concentrating and getting your work done, sometimes privacy is essential. Having a quiet space to collect your own thoughts and focus on the task in hand can be invaluable for many people. If your current office has insufficient private areas, you may find yourself opting to work from home more or go and work in the library – which isn’t always a happy alternative.

  • No Meeting Rooms

Whether you work remotely from an office space in Liverpool or work as a collective in one city, meeting rooms provide a necessary area to share both ideas, thoughts and conference calls. A lack of meetings rooms can lead to frustration with the inability to find a place to convene or keep everyone regularly updated. If you were looking for office space in Glasgow to start a project, for example, you would want at least one private meeting room to ensure that you can all touch base from time to time. 

  • No breakout space

It doesn’t matter whether you are using an office space in Belfast or in a remote rural office, you should have an area to relax. If you have found that it’s only possible to stand in your breakout area, or you have nowhere to make yourself a cup of tea, you might start to find your office space increasingly uncomfortable to work in. 

It’s never wise to ignore the signs that you are unhappy in your current business environment. Finding somewhere that you’re comfortable and happy to work in can make the process of working much easier. Instead of tolerating insufficient space and lack of amenities, it’s always better to find somewhere where you can not only be productive but also enjoy your time in the space.