Why is a serviced office so flexible?

Serviced office 1 year ago, Reading time: 2 min

For some, the benefit of a regular 8-hour job is the structure it provides to their day. However, for others, this has become an outdated norm. When we have families to look after, school-runs to tend to and socialising to enjoy, the traditional working hours may no longer work for us. It’s for this reason that serviced offices are only increasing with popularity. The ability to switch up your working hours and leave when you want and need to have made them invaluable to many.

Not the average nine-to-five

For a number of jobs, there’s no logical reason why they should run from nine-to-five. Thanks to the demand for flexible working and globalisation giving us the capacity to work across numerous time-zones, it’s a way of working that increasingly going out of favour. After all, some of us are morning birds who function better from the hours of 6am until mid-afternoon. Others reach their working prime when the evening comes around. It’s for this reason that our offices allow you to rock up to one of the working stations whenever you like. You can even grab a coffee and enjoy the views, whenever you take five or ten minutes away from your screen. 

Those with children will also find this type of working incredibly useful. For example, if you need office space in Liverpool but live out in the suburbs, you will still be able to get home in time to make dinner, pick up the kids or drop them off at events.

Use the facilities anytime

The on-site facilities can be used at any time. Whether you want to prop your laptop up in the lounge area or grab a quick coffee, it’s up to you. There are even meeting rooms that are available as and when you need them (on the provision that no-one else is using them!). You are not constrained by the larger company’s needs. 

Multiple destinations

Collaborative and flexible working spaces are not just reserved for the likes of London and other capital cities. In fact, if you’re looking for an office space in Glasgow or an office space in Belfast, you will find a way of working to suit you. 

Collaborative working

Serviced office spaces are ideal for collaborative working. Their open-plan nature, flexible hours and breakout areas mean that working together has never felt freer. Working together in spaces like this leaves plenty of room and time to brainstorm ideas and make decisions as a collective. This ensures that everyone feels as if they had an opportunity to participate and help the team.

The flexibility of a serviced office enables you to work either by yourself or as a team. Not only that, but it means that you won’t have to work in the confines of business hours. You will have the freedom and space to work as and when you need it, as a rolling contract will keep your place in the office ticking over.