Why a serviced office may be a good idea for your team

Networking 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

If you have a team of creatives, technicians, or mixed professions, you may be struggling to find a time when you’re all available. Finding opportunities to meet when others aren’t busy or away from their desks can be frustrating – particularly in the middle of a large project. It’s for this reason that a serviced office can really come into its own. A professional work environment with all the amenities you could want or need will keep you collaborating in a comfortable environment. 


The nature of collaborative teams is changing. It might be that your team is composed of different freelancers, none of whom have their own office space. Renting a serviced office gives you somewhere to base yourself, whether you’re looking for an office space in Liverpool or an office space in Glasgow. That way you can avoid awkward meetings in someone’s kitchen or the local café, where you’re obliged to buy a drink or two!

Meeting space

Collaboration often needs structure, and meetings provide the best opportunity for this. They provide an environment for open communication and organisation. When you have different laptops and devices, it’s useful to have a screen to work with to pull everyone’s work together. A serviced office will provide you with both shared and single-space meeting rooms to get your team working together cohesively. A good team requires excellent communication, which a collaborative meeting space will provide. If you need to communicate with a stakeholder or client over Skype, you will be able to contact them from the same room using the Wi-Fi.  When you’re done, you can all go and unwind and discuss in a comfortable lounge area or on the terrace. 

Solitude and collaboration

Working in a team doesn’t necessarily mean working with each other every single moment of the day. It can involve time spent together in meetings as well as moments away focusing on the project in hand. A serviced office gives you the option of both. You can either hot-desk, have your own office or work in the lounge area, or you can pull together in meeting rooms – even if you only need it for one or two hours. Having the convenience of both allows you to work flexibly. 

As and when you need it

Teamwork is often used in large-scale projects, some of which can be transient in nature. It might be that you don’t need the office all of the time, and when you do, you will need frequent days together. If you need an office space in Belfast for six months at a time, a rolling contract will make it easy for you to set up as a team there.

Serviced offices are great for both small and large teams. They give you the breathing space to hold lengthy meetings and the opportunity to work solo if you need to. Lounge areas and amenities make it a pleasant place to unwind afterwards, and chat about the project in hand.