Why A Serviced Office Could Be Perfect For Your Start Up

Serviced office 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Launching a new start-up will mean addressing many challenges. The issue of finding financial backing, building the right team, and tackling your growth are all areas where the smart entrepreneur will work proactively to address. That’s why a serviced office near Glasgow, Belfast, or Liverpool prove to be so popular among the start-up community. There are many advantages to choosing this form of office to rent, and it could be the key to getting the maximum impact for your start-up before, during, and after launch date. If you’re a start-up looking at office space to rent, then here are the reasons why serviced offices are the right way to go.

No set-up costs

Setting up everything that you need in an empty office building can take time and money. If you’re involved in a start-up, then these are the two commodities that you do not have spare. Serviced offices remove the high costs of setting up office infrastructure, and you will be able to move in straight away and get to work immediately.

Flat fees

Renting a traditional office means coping with irregular and unexpected bills. Tackling those can take you away from the more important tasks of your start-up. Serviced offices remove the unexpected quickly and easily, as you will simply be paying a flat fee every month. This makes it far easier to manage your finances and concentrate on driving your start-up forward.

Diverse people

One of the main reasons why serviced offices are great for start-ups is because they attract like-minded people. Having motivated entrepreneurs around you can be a boost to your own productivity, but there are more substantial benefits as well. Serviced offices are commonly used by a wide range of people with a variety of skill sets. Collaboration, networking, and even just inspiration are all very real advantages of a shared office space.

Office perks

The best serviced offices will include a variety of additional perks that can be beneficial. Whether that’s outdoors terraced spaces to relax in and get some fresh air or discounts at local eateries, check out the potential extra perks on offer. Being a part of the Clockwise community comes with some tantalising extras, including preferential rates at local bars, cafés, restaurants and health clubs.

Better address

If you want your start-up to have the best branding, then you’re going to need a good business address. This used to be an impossibility for those entrepreneurs working with a bootstrap mentality. Now, you can use your serviced office near Liverpool, Glasgow, or Belfast as your base of operations, meaning that you get the benefit of a city centre address without the financial burden of traditional city centre office costs.

Easier scalability

As your start-up grows, so too will the needs of your office infrastructure. Rapid growth can be a difficult challenge for start-ups, especially for those with financial constraints. However, serviced offices allow you to tackle growth with very simple scalability. Simply change your package so that you have more desks or a private space to yourself. All without the challenges that are inherent when it comes to traditional office space rental.

Launching a start-up is rarely a simple process. Making use of serviced offices is the perfect way to reduce the challenges, and the benefits are immediate. If you’re considering a business launch and you haven’t yet considered a serviced office, then you might be missing out on the key to the future of your start-up.