What’s It Like to Start a Business in Glasgow?

Glasgow 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

When you start up a new business, does it really matter where you are based? The answer is most definitely yes! Location plays a massive part in your business’ success and will ultimately determine how well it performs in the long-term.

Although many entrepreneurs start their businesses from home initially, it can be challenging to decide on the very best location for your business as it grows to a larger scale. However, Scotland and particularly Glasgow, has become a firm favourite for many new businesses in recent years.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and has a lot to offer new entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the key benefits as to why many new start-ups opt for Glasgow as their prime business location.

  • Efficient transport links

Glasgow is very well-connected throughout the UK and all over the world, meaning entrepreneurs can reach destinations easily to attend meetings or conferences. Getting around by train is extremely easy, with Glasgow Central providing quick transport to Scotland’s second-largest city of Edinburgh as well as other major cities, including London. Glasgow also has two airports – Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick, which is ideal if entrepreneurs need to fly overseas. Getting around the city itself has also been well thought out, with regular bus and subway services on a 7-day basis.

  • Great quality of life

According to Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index, Glasgow scored ‘very high,’ which is a real advantage when having to choose both a serviced office location and a new home in a new city. Factors taken into consideration in the analysis included healthcare, climate and power. The city also scored rather well on commuting time and cost of living, both of which can dramatically improve an individual’s day-to-day lifestyle.

  • There’s plenty of support


Unfortunately, many new businesses are forced to go it alone upon starting out, which often leads to failure when they don’t have access to the right help and guidance. However, Scotland and particularly Glasgow offers a great deal of support to young entrepreneurs.

CEO and co-founder of care management system Storii, Cameron Graham told realbusiness.co.uk: “Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, Strathclyde Enterprise Hub and Scottish Edge are a few organisations that have been of great support over the years.”

While Maureen Eisbrenner, co-founder and CEO of Arbnco added: “Schemes such as the CAN DO Unlocking Ambition Challenge is backed by a £4m fund and links start-up leaders with successful entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.”

  • Lots of opportunity for collaborating on a B2B basis


Glasgow is home to an array of global brands, and while some businesses may view this as too much competition, there is certainly room for everyone to grow in this flourishing city. What’s more, businesses with the same ethos have the chance to connect with one another and work on large-scale projects to boost each other’s revenue. This is why you should be considering hiring a modern office Glasgow – so your business has the opportunity to expand rapidly and hopefully develop into a global brand.