What’s included in a serviced office?

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Ten things you (probably) didn’t know about serviced offices

For the uninitiated, serviced offices remain somewhat of a mystery. For others, they’re seen
as a necessary upgrade. But for almost all, there are many myths and misunderstandings as
to what comes with a serviced office.
We’re here to set the record straight. Here are ten things you’ll be pleasantly surprised to
learn about our serviced offices at Clockwise.

1. Booked it, packed it… moved in straight away
Business growth skyrocketing? Need an immediate move from the kitchen table into
professional space? With serviced offices, everything is set up and ready to roll when you
are. The cafeteria stocked, the rooms are fresh, the techy stuff is all set up. Ready when you
are, boss.

2. You’ve got mail (and a professional address)
Serviced offices allow you to hand out a prestigious, city-centre address. At Clockwise, this
applies even if you’re only a Club Member (which also means that you benefit from a hot
desk and many other bells and whistles).

3. Let’s meet up, as and when
Why pay for meeting space that sits unused for most of the month? Serviced offices (the
good ones, at least) will offer on-demand meeting rooms that can be booked as and when
you need them (ours start from £40ph). They’re brightly lit, with all the display and sound
tech you might need.

4. Flexibility with your bright and breezy office space? You betcha.
Serviced offices reinvent the employee experience. At Clockwise, workers can cycle to work,
park their bike in secure storage and grab a shower. They can get out and up onto the roof
terrace for a breath of fresh air, or use a breakout area to get away from their workspace.
There’s a café with breakfast and lunch options, snacks, and fruit and cake, all served up
with freshly ground coffee.

You can put on an event in the club lounge, and impress clients with meeting room delegate
and catering packages. And if you prefer to self-cater, a kitchen is on hand for whipping up
your own drinks and dinners. That’s the way we work, anyway.

5. Bills, bills, bills – included, covered, predictable
Utility bills are a big expense. For businesses utility costs eat up, on average, 22% of their
operating expenses (so we’re not talking about chump change here). And in April 2019,
energy costs rose by up to 10%. It’s enough to make any business owner feel hot under the
collar. And then positively FREEZING, as they attempt to cut their costs).
With a serviced office, everything is included for a fixed, flat monthly fee.

6. Take a seat (a stylish, comfortable seat, that is)
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll give you some figures that you should be sat down
for. In 2017, the average cost of office furniture, per team member, came in at between
£750 to £1,000 for basic furniture (think fall apart after a couple of years) to a lofty £1750 to
£2,500 for high-end furniture.
In contrast, serviced offices come complete with every piece of furniture you could ever
need – chairs, desks, stools, sofas and more.

7. A place where productivity and profit are improved
An office isn’t just four walls and some windows (far from it). Studies have shown that
physical office environments can help or hinder the bottom-line, with research finding that
they’re capable not only of driving productivity but innovation as well.

8. Networking – It’s nice to meet you (and you, and you)
An often-overlooked benefit of serviced offices comes in the form of networking
opportunities that come along. With shared spaces such as a roof terrace, breakout areas
and a cafeteria, this type of networking isn’t your usual pressure-cooker local business
monthly meet-up. It’s natural. And you already have one thing in common – the same
stylish shared spaces.

9. Maintained working spaces that run like clockwork
Upgrades, repairs, maintenance. Not only do they cost money, they also cost you something
else – your (precious) time. Now how much is that worth to you? In a serviced office,
maintenance is all handled by in-house. So you can focus on the important stuff.

10. Money on the mind?
With so much to offer, we’re hedging our bets that you may be wondering just how much all
of the above might set you back. And you may be astounded to learn that our serviced
offices start at just £80 per person, per month for Club Membership.

At Clockwise we work differently, so you can too. Step inside, with our online 3D tour. Or

book an in-person tour (we’ll fire up the barista machine).

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