The Benefits of Co-Working Over Working From Home

Networking 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

There are some great benefits when it comes to working from home. The ability to work in your pyjamas should not be underestimated. The problem is that working from home also has a large number of issues, hence the rise in popularity of the co-working office. These shared offices are now available all across the country, and whether you’re a freelance graphic designer in Belfast or a small, start-up in Glasgow, you will be able to find the perfect office environment to suit your needs. If you’re considering relocating, then here are the benefits of moving into a shared office space.

Mental Health Benefits

There’s no getting around the fact that working from home can be very bad for your mental health. It’s one thing to avoid the commute, but being in the same environment all day means that you lack that disconnect which allows you to relax when it’s ‘home time.’ Co-working office spaces allow you to make a clear divide between work and leisure. You also get the added benefit of human interaction as and when you need it, and that can be vital when you need a break from your latest workload.

Productivity Increase

When you’re working from home, you are surrounded by the paraphernalia of your life, which can be a very enticing distraction! Doing the dishes, feeding the cat, or even just putting on the TV can all take you away from your work. Moving into a shared office with hot desking removes that potential for distraction immediately. Your productivity will drastically increase, and you will also be encouraged to focus on your work when you see all of the professionals around you getting on with their own.

Business perception

Your business brand will always benefit from a respectable address. Having your home address on your business cards or website can make you look very amateur. However, shared offices are much more likely to have an address that won’t give away your suburban living. With office addresses that are focused on cities, your company will give the impression of cosmopolitan management, and the look of success. This will make it far easier to appear as professional as possible when it comes to sourcing new clients and customers.


One of the most significant flaws when working from home is the isolation. It’s not impossible to network from your home office, but you are seriously limited in your options. Rather than sticking to nothing more than social media networking, moving into a co-working space means that you will be surrounded by professionals in a wide variety of fields and industries. These can be very useful for your own business and may lead to even more orders. Never underestimate the importance of networking.

Before choosing to make the move from home working to co-working, take a look at the services and utilities that come with a good co-working space. If you’re concerned that working from home is damaging your ability to run a business to the best of your ability, then book a tour at Clockwise today. In an ever-evolving business landscape, hot desking is fast becoming the office environment of the professional.