Startup Grind in Clockwise at Savoy Tower

News 3 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

This year, Startup Grind hosted their annual Summer Party here in Clockwise at Savoy Tower, introducing Glasgow’s entrepreneur community to our new partnership. Since then, Startup Grind have hosted their monthly chapter meetings in the Clockwise second-floor events space. These events celebrate the diversity of Glasgow’s buoyant startup scene, allowing guests to network, learn and enjoy a few cans of Brewgooder, Startup Grind’s event partners.

Brewgooder, as suggested by the name, aim to do good by selling their distinctive craft lager. As 100% of their profits are invested in clean water projects around the world, their beer provides consumers with the satisfying experience of drinking delicious beer while helping to do some good in the world. Unsurprisingly, Brewgooder’s involvement in these monthly events goes down very well.

Guests were entertained by Felix, who performed a songbook of contemporary pop songs, reimagined in his own style. Later in the evening, Daniel Reilly, director of Startup Grind’s Glasgow chapter, addressed those in attendance and summed up the party. He is always at the heart of these events and attributes their success to the dedicated members of the community. With this success comes a desire to look outwards and expand, not only the Glasgow chapter but the entire Startup Grind organisation.

Startup Grind currently has around one million members but aims to reach the hundreds of millions of people and organisations not currently under their umbrella. To reach these people and organisations, Startup Grind have launched two new programs: Startup Grind X and Startup Grind U. Startup Grind X is aimed at entrepreneurs living in smaller communities (fewer than 300,000 inhabitants) around the world. Startup Grind U aims to expand the reach of the organisation to universities and their innovative students.

Together these new programs will bring even more startups to the community, enriching the experience for all involved. There will be plenty more Startup Grind events hosted at Clockwise, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one.