What we’re doing to keep you safe while working with us

News 8 months ago, Reading time: 4 min
What we’re doing to keep you safe while working with us

Throughout the lockdown period Clockwise remained open to members and essential businesses and services that required our spaces to continue trading and providing their services. During this time the health and safety of our members and staff was our number one priority and remains so.

As the governments across our regions work on the measures needed to ease us back into work safely, the health, safety and wellbeing of members and staff continues to top the agenda. Here’s what we’re doing.

Continue enhanced cleaning

We’ve already increased the cleaning frequency across our buildings and will continue to focus on all high-touch surfaces and communal areas. We’ll also be employing specialised ‘deep clean’ antivirus sanitation measures.

  • We’ve worked with our suppliers to implement new cleaning protocols across our buildings.
  • Every ‘high-touch’ surface such as door handles and lift buttons as well as high traffic areas of your buildings are subject to ongoing cleaning throughout the working day. We’ve also reviewed all cleaning procedures for toilet and shower areas.
  • We are carrying out deep sanitisation ‘fogging’ processes in all communal areas – a measure that can be arranged for private offices on request.
  • We are implementing a ‘clear desk’ policy throughout our buildings to allow for the thorough cleaning of all workspaces.

Encourage hand-washing

To promote clean hands, we will make hand sanitiser and hand-washing facilities available throughout the building. We’ll also provide sanitising wipes in all communal areas to encourage good hygiene and clean surfaces.

  • You’ll find signage around your buildings reminding us all of government guidance, helping direct ‘traffic’ to make social distancing easier and signposting nearby hand washing facilities.
  • We have provided paper towels as an alternative to hand dryers in all of our bathrooms.
  • We’re installing hand sanitising stations for easy access throughout our buildings and will provide portable bottles of sanitiser to all members.

Monitor building use 

To help create a safer environment for members and staff alike, we’ll use technology to monitor average and peak usage patterns at each of our locations. We will also suggest new protocols around social distancing, health and what you should do if you experience symptoms.

  • As well as monitoring overall usage, we will continue to review use of communal areas and peak times of building entry and exit to avoid overcrowding where possible.
  • We will monitor overall visitor numbers (and work with you to put restrictions in place if necessary) and we’ve changed our sign-in procedure to minimise contact with visitors when they arrive.
  • We will work with the other tenants of our buildings to ensure consistent application of all new safety measures in shared areas.
  • Where possible we will make additional cycle and car parking spaces available.
  • We’ve made adjustments to our air handling systems to maximise clean and fresh airflow throughout our buildings.

Direct foot traffic

To help direct foot traffic throughout our spaces and enable social distancing, we will install signage, floor markings and one-way systems. We’ll also mark our lifts with new directions for usage. Where possible we’ll advise you to use the stairs.

  • We have marked one-way routes throughout our spaces with floor signage and placed detailed instructions on safe usage of high footfall areas such as shared kitchens and reception areas.
  • We have reduced the recommended capacity of all our lifts and encouraged hand sanitisation before and after operation.
  • We’ll direct our lounge members to use one working space for the duration of each working day.
  • Doors will be left open throughout the space where possible. Elsewhere we’re developing touchless solutions so members can open doors without risk.

Enable social distancing

To encourage social distancing measures in our club, kitchen and breakout areas, we will install signage that indicates where we suggest members sit. We’ll be reconfiguring the seating in these areas to optimise distancing between members. We can also help you design your private workspace to implement your chosen social distancing measures.

  • The building team will implement new protocols to enable social distancing in reception areas. We will continue to deliver your post your office daily to avoid congestion in the reception area.
  • We’ve revised furniture layouts throughout the buildings to allow people to work further apart and signage and floor markings will help direct members in using the space safely. We have reorganised desk allocation within our shared workspace areas to maximise distancing.
  • We are discussing appropriate safety measures with our café operators to allow them to reopen at the appropriate time and we will provide guidance on local cafes, coffee shops and other food and drink options available.
  • We are working with suppliers to provide additional screens and dividers for private offices on request, at additional cost.

Adapt our meeting room policies

To give you more room to think, work and collaborate safely, we’re giving free upgrades to larger rooms where possible and will insert extra time between bookings to clean the space. As with all common areas there will be hand sanitisers in each meeting room.

  • We will encourage members to use alternate seats within meeting rooms and will reduce the recommended occupancy for rooms.
  • Each space will be thoroughly cleaned by our building teams in-between meetings in accordance with revised cleaning procedures.

Provide mental and physical health sessions

To assist our members in maintaining strength and wellbeing among their teams during these unsettling and uncertain times, we’ll be offering virtual mental and physical health workshops in each of our locations.

  • Our community events program will continue but all events will be virtually hosted.
  • We have trained our teams to adhere to new protocols in assisting members to use our spaces safely.