Northern Ireland is the Best Place to Start and Grow a Business

Belfast 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

If you have been thinking about finding the best location for a serviced office, there’s a very good chance you have never thought about Northern Ireland. Many consider Ireland to be mainly rural with little opportunity for entrepreneurs or work prospects in general; however, there are many cities and towns in the north of Ireland that would make the perfect base for your business.

It was reported that more new businesses reach £1 million in sales within the first three years in Northern Ireland than anywhere else in the UK, which is an impressive sum considering how many companies typically fail in the first few months.

Why should you start a business in Northern Ireland? Here are just a few of the main reasons.

The government invests in start-up businesses

Part of Northern Ireland’s legacy of established businesses is down to the fact that the government has strategies in place to help young start-ups get their business up and running, by making crucial investments into the enterprise agenda. This enables young entrepreneurs to get their hands on a much-needed grant to pay for the essentials such as equipment, a modern office and marketing tools. Unfortunately, this prospect isn’t available to businesses in Scotland, England and Wales, meaning those in Northern Ireland are more inclined to achieve success in the early days. Securing funding is one of the first biggest hurdles to overcome for prospective business owners, but this just isn’t the case in Northern Ireland.

There are also specific business programmes in Belfast geared especially towards helping start-ups. The programme hires established entrepreneurs to provide useful advice and guidance to young start-ups, while also giving new entrepreneurs the chance to apply for further funding to achieve their business goals.

Low costs

Northern Ireland is one of the cheapest countries in the whole of the UK for office space to rent Belfast and staffing costs, meaning that start-up companies are more likely to grow at a faster pace, rather than collapsing under huge financial burdens. Similarly, it is home to some of the best universities in the country such as Queens University Belfast and the University of Ulster, meaning there is the opportunity to secure some of the best talent available once the students graduate. Smaller start-salaries are typically the norm in Northern Ireland, so you can cut back on costs in the early days before making the decision to increase staff wages as your business develops.

Good location

Ireland’s small-scale size makes travelling around the country extremely easy. Cities in Northern Ireland are well-connected to the capital city of Dublin, which can be reached in just under 2 hours by train or no more than 2 hours by car. Public transportation is heavily relied on in Northern Ireland; therefore, the country is well-equipped with buses and trains which are readily available; even in the most rural counties.

Belfast is also just a 1.5-hour flight away from London, which may have been one of your main concerns if you’re looking to work with larger firms that are usually based there.