How much does a serviced office cost?

Serviced office 1 year ago, Reading time: 2 min

It’s not just millennials that are joining the Gig Economy. Increasingly, businesses are allowing flexibility and the ability to work from home. This increased use of flexi-time means that people are ditching the traditional office environment for something far less conventional. People are turning to a serviced office where they can find the amenities they want and use at any time. If you’ve recently become self-employed and want to avoid working at home, or you enjoy flexible working hours and want to find somewhere professional to work, a serviced office could be the perfect solution. 

What’s included in the price?

What’s included in the price will depend on the package you opt for. Even the most basic package at one of our serviced offices will include the use of our comfy lounge and breakout areas, the use of hot-desking and the ability to book a private meeting room. By choosing a more comprehensive package, however, the price will include features such as your very own desk, storage and unlimited access to the building. 

Is it flexible?

Using a serviced office is perhaps one of the most flexible ways of working. It allows you to network with ease with fellow professionals, and you can take breaks as often as you want and need to. By picking either our Shared Workspace option or the Private Office package, you will have unlimited access, 24-hours a day. This means that when you choose to work is up to you. 

You will also have use of the on-site meeting rooms. These will allow you to host meetings at a time of day that is right for you. Ultimately, you won’t be working on the premises of a larger business, so whether you work collaboratively or on your own is up to you – and at your convenience. 

How much will it cost?

How much it costs will depend entirely on which membership you choose. The reason there is a good variety of membership is that it allows you to work at a time and place that suits you. Here are a few examples of the price range on offer:

  • Our Office Space in Belfast: Club Membership costs £80. This will allow you to use the lounge, hot desks and meeting rooms. The shared workspace will cost £250 and will get you a dedicated desk, storage and 24-hour access. For a slightly higher cost of £325, you will get a full-service office space, impressive views across the city of Belfast and dedicated broadband. 
  • Our Office Space in Liverpool: Offers the same range of services for prices of £80, £175 and £260.
  • Our Office Space in Glasgow: Offers the same range of services for £80, £175 and £300. Whether you hot-desk or get your own private office, you will always be able to make use of the lounge, café and terrace.

What package you choose will come down to both your needs and your budget. This flexibility allows you to pick the features that suit you the most, and you won’t be constricted by a larger corporation’s business hours.