How do serviced offices work?

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How do serviced offices work?

As one of the fastest growing business trends, companies are looking at the advantages of serviced offices and making the transition to a more flexible and professional shared office space.

Serviced office space to rent is the ideal way to start working on your business growth without the hassles of the setting up stage. As fully furnished offices that come complete with a range of benefits, at Clockwise you can choose from a range of packages to suit your business. You can choose from a private office, co-working space or hot desk. The fact that you are paying solely for what you need means that it is far easier to manage your business expenses and get straight to work without the stress of setting up traditional office infrastructure.

Low Costs with Professional Settings

A serviced office to rent allows you to get the business address that your company deserves without the high costs of traditional office rental. They allow you to get to work without having to worry about unexpected or hidden costs such as furnishing, installing equipment, maintenance, and cleaning. You simply walk in and get to work.

Greater Flexibility

One of the biggest problems with traditional offices is that as your business grows, you will need to move location. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process that distracts you from the necessities of managing your workload. Serviced offices mean that it is a simple process to start scaling up as and when your business needs more space. For flexible working, it’s hard to beat serviced offices, and it’s easy to see why even big brands are making use of them to get more from their business premises. You can even split your space between private offices and co-working space to maintain flexibility.

Everything You Need

Clockwise can offer everything you need, and more. Need some added creativity? We have stylish office spaces so that your imagination can wonder. Want to pitch an idea? Take a seat in our meeting room. Hungry or in desperate need of a coffee? Our cafes have got you covered. Plus, if you are located in the city, cou can get a city central location for your company with a serviced office near Belfast, Liverpool, or Glasgow.

Optional Extras

With a range of packages available from Clockwise, you get to choose the best set-up for you. For some entrepreneurs, the thought of a busy and collaborative workspace sounds ideal. For lone wolves, private office spaces are available.

Choose a private office – We get it – open plan isn’t for everyone. If you decide that a private office is what’s best for your business, we can provide exactly that.

Come and collaborate – If you love the familiarity of your own desk and working amidst bustling productivity, our shared workspace is for you.

Serviced office spaces are the ideal solution to the problems of running a modern business. With three to choose from, there’s a Clockwise membership package to suit all kinds of businesses – be sure to ask!