Clockwise nominated for co-workers members choice awards

News 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

After just two years in the industry, we at Clockwise has been nominated for an award in our sector. We have been nominated for a Co-Workers Members Choice award, which will see our co-working spaces being recognised for their efficiency and professional atmosphere. We provide serviced office spaces for workers around the United Kingdom, which enables those who need the space to work on their own schedule and in comfort. Co-working spaces are ideal for employees who want to collaborate with other professionals, or find a space to work on their own terms.

Who enters this award?

Only co-working spaces enter this awards category, meaning that they are ranked on their quality within the industry. In 2018, 345 businesses entered, so there was plenty of stiff competition. Customers can then review the site – and the pool isn’t exactly limited. Last year’s awards received over 56,000 votes.

Who votes?

Anyone with a co-worker account can vote for their preferred space. It means that the votes will flood in from members of the local community, which will give some regional insight into who is providing a unique co-working space. An average score will be taken for each venue, which means a true sense of their popularity and quality of service can be gained. Just like any other review site, whether that’s Tripadvisor or any online forum where you can leave reviews, customers were asked to give their scores on the facilities.

What can be gained?

When you consider that the ‘Best Co-working Space’ award can only go to one space per city, it’s quite an achievement. This allows the business to sit head and shoulders above other co-working companies in the area. The award will also come with promotional rights to wear the badge of honour, so those who are looking for a flexible space will know who can offer them the most polished service.

Why were we nominated?

Co-working spaces are providing a space for workers to spend their time that doesn’t restrict itself to formal working practices. We have a unique and flexible office space in Liverpool and across the rest of the country. By offering multiple packages, there are a wealth of perks to choose from, depending on both your budget and your needs. Instead of having to tailor your work to your business, you can use an office space and set price that works around your needs. You also won’t need to worry about having to constantly renew the contract every month you need it. A rolling contract allows you to stay put for as long as you need the space.


Whether you’re looking for an office space in Glasgow or you’re based in Northern Ireland and are after a co-working office space in Belfast, we can provide somewhere to work. This nomination shows that Clockwise’s co-working spaces were a worthy contender in this awards category. Being nominated as a professional and comfortable place to work will help bring awareness to both freelancers and contracted employees who need somewhere to knuckle-down and work on their own schedule.