Can’t Get Any Work Done in the Office? Try These 5 Things

Networking 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Distraction is one of the leading causes of lack of productivity within a business. While you want your employees to be friends and to talk openly and freely, too much conversation and you may find it tricky to complete tasks and hit deadlines on time. Every employee will have moments throughout the day where motivation dips, and this is completely normal and, in fact, can be beneficial for work output. However, when you’re struggling to work in your office space, what can you do to counteract it? You can try the following five things.   

  • Turn Off Your Phone

While your smartphone may be the font of all knowledge regarding daily news and keeping in touch with clients, friends, and family members, it can also be highly distracting. You may find yourself in the middle of a task when suddenly it alerts you to a text message, and it can be challenging to ignore the draw of reading it. That’s why turning off your phone can be so beneficial. No longer will the flashing of the screen and the noise distract you from your tasks.

  • Find a Quiet Space

It may feel anti-social at first, but removing yourself from the busy, loud modern office space can work wonders for your productivity and motivation. While it’s fun to get involved with the animated discussion on the latest Game of Thrones episodes, when you feel your motivation slipping away, it’s worthwhile heading into a quieter space where you can concentrate without the background noise. It may also be helpful to invest in noise-cancelling headphones, especially in large, loud offices. If you rent a serviced office in Liverpool, such as offered by Clockwise, you will also find private space within the building to focus on your tasks.  

  • Organise Your Workspace

It’s been said that a tidy space equates to a tidy mind. Therefore, when you’re struggling to focus, and you find yourself surrounded by clutter and mess, take a moment to organise your space. Throw out any rubbish which accumulates on your desk, organise files and paper into priority order, and make sure any lingering coffee cups are cleaned and stored away. By doing so, not only will you kickstart your motivation, but you also find it much easier to find something you’re looking for, should it be a pen, a notebook or even a crucial file.  

  • Organise Your Calendar

Does your calendar look chaotic and hectic? Do you tend to pack as many meetings into one day, leaving yourself with no time to focus on your work? Organising your calendar is a pivotal way to refocus your mind on your tasks. If you need to hire a meeting room in your serviced office Belfast, planning it in advance can ensure you secure the room. What’s more, when you organise your calendar, you can schedule in various tasks and deadlines as a visual reminder of what you need to do by a specific time.  

  • Enjoy Breaks

As mentioned before, a break doesn’t mean you lose concentration. It’s vital to give your mind a rest, as well as giving your eyes a rest from staring at a screen. A popular way of scheduling breaks into a work day is the micro-breaks method. This technique sees you having a 5-10 minute micro-break, such as making a cup of tea or walking outside. However, to ensure a break really kickstarts your productivity, you need to commit to stepping away from the desk. Avoid multi-tasking and be 100% committed to leaving your phone and your laptop at your desk.