Benefits of Working in a City Centre

Networking 2 years ago, Reading time: 3 min

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of working in a big city. From London to Glasgow, the hustle and bustle of the big city can be the perfect motivation to keep you on your toes. With a more cosmopolitan setting and the high energy that comes from the city centre, there’s a reason why office space in a city can be so costly! However, with the cost-saving options that are now accessible, you can benefit from a central office in a variety of ways, and all without those traditional expenses. If you’re looking at office space in a big city which lets you work your way, then here are the many ways that you will benefit.

Transport Links

While more rural offices are available, they are limited by transport options. Being able to provide easy access for both your workforce and your clients is increasingly important, and you won’t get much better services than those offered by city working environments. Cities will have a transport system that runs regularly, and there will be a variety of options to choose from as well. If you want the ease of access that transport links provide, then an office in a city like Belfast will allow much greater accessibility.

The Social Element

Whether you’re looking at the local amenities for lunch or hoping to find a suitable location for after work drinks, you’re going to be able to pick and choose if you’re in the city. Downtime is as vital as management in the current business climate. If you have a wide variety of entertainment options, then you will be able to provide greater team-building possibilities for your team, as well as being able to provide quality entertainment options for visiting clients. What’s more, the right social element will attract the highest talent to your business. After all, who could say no to regular nights out with no need to travel far?

Higher Quality Office Space

City centres will usually be able to provide much higher quality spaces than those in more rural locations. Whether it’s only an office that you need, or you have manufacturing requirements as well, you can be sure that you will be able to find suitable premises far easier in the city. Consider too that shared office space is a viable option in the digital age, and if you’re considering taking on a Glasgow office, this could be a cost-effective way of establishing a city business without the high costs of traditional renting.

Credibility and Brand Perception

You will always be able to attract a higher quality of client and workforce if you have a city business address. They add a much higher perception of your brand and can work to your advantage by helping you to portray your brand as a success. Everyone knows that city offices can be costly, and if you have one as your business address, then you accumulate respectability that a suburban or small town office will never achieve.

Community & Networking Opportunities

Cities are hubs of creativity and business acumen. Being part of that busy environment will make it far easier to find the goods and services you need without being limited by location. You can achieve this even more if you opt for renting a hot desk in a serviced office. Being surrounded by motivated workers from a wide variety of industries can give you the opportunity to source new clients, brainstorm new ideas, or even take on new hires. Remember, the more that you network, the greater your potential for growth, and that’s where the city office excels.

Before you commit to signing any rental agreements on a new office, always take the time to do your research. Book a tour of the premises, and remember to include serviced offices as an accessible and cost-effective option, such as those at Clockwise which let you work your way. Take a tour of your options, and you will have a much greater idea of the long-term effects of your premises decision.