Behind the murals: Conzo Throb

News 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Inspired by Glasgow, more and more local artists are bringing colour, wit and imagination to the walls of Clockwise. Street artist, Conzo Throb explains how his work draws on his affection for Irn-Bru as the thread for an entertaining journey through many familiar sights of the city.

Conzo Throb is a self-confessed mischief-maker. The Glasgow-based street artist is best known for his playfully subversive style in doodles, canvas and walls. Who better to invite in to help decorate Clockwise, we thought?

Take a look at the stairwell mural between floors 1 and 2 and we think you’ll agree that we were right.

“The mural was inspired by iconic Scottish elements; landmarks, humour and the ‘other’ national drink of choice, Irn-Bru. All of the things that make Glasgow so special,” says Conzo. “I wanted to create artwork that had a flow to it. Using Glasgow as inspiration, I took a symbolic glass bottle of Irn-Bru and smashed it, leaving the famous orange liquid flowing down the stairwell to connect the spaces and monuments that make this great City!”

Through satirical graffiti, Conzo intertwined the river of Irn-Bru with his famous rounded “terror cheb” characters, as well as a homage to the Duke of Wellington statue, located outside the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. The statue is drawn complete with a bright traffic cone atop the Duke’s head; a typically observant take on what happens during a good night out in Glasgow!

Conzo invited fellow Scottish artist Ciaran Glöbel, to work on the lettering for the standout invitation in the mural, “Tan Yer Skoosh”.

“The glass bottle and design of Irn-Bru is so iconic. It brought memories flooding back of being a child in the City and taking back the bottles to collect 30p from the shop,” adds Conzo. “Working with Ciaran on the signwriting added an extra element, using the same typeface from the Irn-Bru bottle.”

With inspirations rooted deep in the city, Conzo’s joyous celebration makes us all feel part of the city.

Make sure you pay a visit to Conzo’s mural and also watch him talking about his work here! You can also find details on Conzo’s websitefacebook or Instagram @Conzo_Throb