5 Signs You Need a Bigger Office

Networking 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Your office space can make or break your business. It’s where your employees get their head down and focus on work, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be a dull, lifeless area. A great office can ensure every member of your staff is happy to come to work in the morning and can make your workforce feel like a team, rather than separate entities. When your office works well and supports your employees, your business will thrive and work in harmony.

How do you know, however, when you need a bigger office? There are a few key signs to look out for, such as those listed below.   

  • Employee Productivity is Down

Productivity is critical in any business, regardless of your industry or sector. When your team lacks motivation, and they struggle to complete daily tasks in the current office, this is a huge sign you need to move elsewhere. A small, cramped office can be distracting to staff, which is why open plan spaces are currently enjoying their heyday. When your employees have to fight against noise to hear themselves think, it’s time to look into a modern office, whether you’re based in Belfast, Liverpool or Glasgow.

  • Your Meeting Room is Now the Local Coffee Shop

Client meetings are crucial to be able to deliver the best end product and retain happy customers. However, if you currently rent a meeting room, or opt for ‘brunch meetings’ in a local coffee shop, you may not be projecting the professional demeanour you want. By having a dedicated meeting room, you can speak openly to both clients and staff members; you can make everyone feel at ease. This is where a serviced office is excellent. Not only do you rent an office space for your workforce, but you also have the opportunity to hire professional meeting rooms to welcome clients and staff to your business.

  • You Struggle to Find Free Surfaces

Clutter can seriously affect productivity and how well your employees can get on with their tasks. If finding a pen takes much too long, and desks are full to bursting with notebooks and computers squeezed onto a small area, it’s time to find a bigger office where staff can create their own workspace and see everything they need quickly and easily.

  • Navigating the Office is Like an Obstacle Course

Health and safety are vital in every office, and nothing affects it more than wires trailing across the floor. If navigating your current office takes longer than necessary due to dodging and jumping over cables and other obstacles, it’s time to move to a bigger office. By finding an office space to rent in Liverpool, for example, you can create a haven where staff can move freely around without worrying about falling over wires.

  • You Have More Staff than Space

When your business begins to grow, it’s fantastic news, but you need the right space to house the new members of staff you hire. For every member of staff to work in peace, it’s essential they have the space to think carefully without being distracted by a team member sitting too close. Therefore, the more staff you hire, the bigger the space you need. Service offices can provide you with a great chance to scale your business up in a professional arena. For example, Clockwise in Glasgow offers flexible memberships for an evolving business, along with a range of amenities for your workforce to enjoy, such as outdoor terrace, café, and showers.