5 reasons why Liverpool is a great place for your new Serviced Office or Coworking Space

Liverpool 2 years ago, Reading time: 3 min

If you’re looking to find the most suitable business location for a modern office, the first idea that may come to mind is London – it’s the capital city with plenty of opportunities on offer after all. However, many business owners are now seeking to find opportunities in the north of the country in cities such as Liverpool for several reasons that you may never have even thought about.

Whether you have yet to come up with a business idea or have a successful business up and running, here are five very good reasons as to why Liverpool should become the new home for your business premises:

1.  Location and transport links

From Liverpool, you can travel to almost anywhere in the country without a struggle. When you’re a business owner, getting from A to B is essential when you’re required to attend meetings on a very regular basis. From the city’s main Central Station, you can travel to most cities and towns in the UK. London Euston is just a two-hour train ride away, while it’s just 30 minutes to get to Manchester. If you’re likely to be doing most of your business in Liverpool itself, the city’s internal transportation is also very efficient, as there are plenty of buses and ferries to hop onto. The Merseyrail is the city’s own direct train line which runs very regularly throughout the city.

What’s more, Liverpool is also in very close proximity to all of the major motorways which take you to the north and south of the UK, so if your business relies on delivering goods efficiently, you’ll certainly be in the best location.

2.  Skilled employees

The city is home to a selection of universities including Liverpool University, Liverpool John Moore’s and Liverpool Hope, meaning there are thousands of national and international graduates looking for work every single year. You can select the very best talent for your business before they leave the city to find work elsewhere.

3. Start-up culture

It has been found that Liverpool is the UK’s second-fastest growing city for innovations in digital technology, meaning it has become a very popular location for start-up businesses in particular. The digital marketing industry has grown an impressive 119% in the city in comparison to just 92% in London, which is why new start-ups are looking for office space to rent Liverpool.

4. Opportunities for innovation

Liverpool is home to the Knowledge Quarter, where some of the city’s key partners come together and create solutions to issues in the health, science, technology and education sectors. This means that businesses who choose to relocate to the city have the opportunity to join in with the scheme and create something unique. Therefore, if you have not yet set up your business but have a particular product idea in mind, the Knowledge Quarter may be able to help you develop that tiny seed into a fully-functioning product.

5. Lifestyle

Liverpool was voted to become the City of Culture back in 2008 and has since established itself as a flourishing place to live and visit. There are plenty of shops, bars, parks and attractions, as well as being just 15 minutes from the nearest beaches. When the times comes to think about relocating for the interests of your business, also be sure to consider how your personal life will benefit from moving to a city such as Liverpool.