5 reasons Liverpool is a great place for businesses

News 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Liverpool has to be one of Britain’s most significant historical locations. Its port has welcomed and waved goodbye to those who have migrated for a different life, and it has been a political cornerstone over the decades. It has produced some of Britain’s most famous cultural icons, such as the Beatles and Cilla Black. It also produced Willy Russel, whose play Blood Brothers has enjoyed mainstream success on London’s Broadway. If you’ve ever wanted a slice of Liverpool’s success, here are some benefits of working in this charisma-filled city.

1.   Modernised working spaces

Much of the United Kingdom is making the shift towards working at home and progressing to flexible working spaces. These serviced office spaces provide amenities such as coffee, lounge-areas and terrace, as well as meeting rooms for those who work in a team. You will find our modernised office space in Liverpool, which is perfectly geared towards working on your own schedule.

2.   Transport Links

Liverpool’s railway infrastructure is impeccable. If you choose to leave from their Central Station, you can go almost anywhere from Liverpool, with London’s Euston Station being only two hours away. If you’re looking for an office space in Glasgow to spend part of your time in, or whether you live out in the suburbs, Liverpool will have you covered when it comes to getting out of the city.

3.   Lower prices

When it comes to beating prices, Liverpool is certainly cost-efficient. Liverpool enjoys significantly lower overheads and cost of living than many places in the UK. This is perfect if you’re focusing on boosting your revenue as much as possible. It also makes it a great place to base yourself outside of work; lower energy bills and grocery runs can make for a much more pleasant quality of life anywhere in the country.

4.   Pioneering industries

It isn’t just the capital cities, like London, that are leading the way in forward-thinking technologies. Liverpool has its own claims to fame when it comes to pioneering technology. For example, they are the home-city of an electric car tech start-up, which helps electric car owners source parking bays to charge their car. If you have a tech idea in mind, this could be the best hub for your plans.

5.   Friendly attitudes

If your business relies on the ability to chat and engage in conversation, then Liverpool has one of the friendliest communities in the country. While the accent itself certainly steals the limelight, Liverpudlians are renowned for their ability to chat and present themselves with affirming friendliness. No business would be without its customer service, and you certainly won’t find yourself short of it in this city.

Gone are the days when the United Kingdom relied on places like London to be its central powerhouse. Whether you need an office space in Belfast to set up your business or are looking for a place to grow customers in Liverpool, you needn’t look to the capital city. Liverpool is famous for its people – and for good reason! It’s home to some of Britain’s most forward-thinking industries and some of the friendliest people behind them.