5 reasons Glasgow is great place for businesses

Glasgow 2 years ago, Reading time: 2 min

Glasgow has enjoyed a boom in industry in recent decades. It is not only home to an impressive opera house and stunning views of the Clyde river, but it is also home to some of the most unique jobs in Britain. Whether you’re looking to work in the media, open your own restaurant, or find a serviced office for your own business, Glasgow is a great place to base yourself. If you’re considering making your move to the west of Scotland, here are some benefits of its impressive local industry. 

  • A great place for start-ups

Thanks to its booming trade, Glasgow has become a great place for start-ups. In fact, 2016 experienced a particularly sharp rise in new businesses, as over 5,000 new companies were generated in the city. This put Glasgow on the map as somewhere for new freelancers and entrepreneurs to base themselves and establish their own business credentials

  • Flexible working spaces

Now that Britain is increasingly shifting towards flexible and unique working spaces, Glasgow is following suit. You will find a communal office space in Glasgow to your liking; all you have to do is pick a package that suits you. These spaces allow you to take time out when you want and collaborate with other creatives in a polished, professional space. 

  • Low cost of living

If you are worried about the inevitable cost of setting up your business, location really does matter. London may have plenty of opportunities, but the cost of living is exceptionally high. Consumer prices are nearly 27% higher in London, and so setting shop up in Glasgow is an absolute steal by comparison. Even though the cost of living may be lower, you still get to enjoy the benefit of having a cosmopolitan city on your doorstep. 

  • Graduates

Glasgow is home to a number of universities, which means that it also showcases some of Scotland’s best academic talent. Not only that, but they also have an incredibly high retention rate. This means that as well as being a place of great educational prowess, it’s also a wonderful place to live well after you have finished your studies. 

  • Short commutes

Scotland’s railway infrastructure is incredibly well-established,  which means that even if you work in the centre of Glasgow, you won’t have far to go until you reach the suburbs. Its short travel times between work and home mean that it’s renowned for its work-life balance – even if you happen to live in the rival city of Edinburgh! 

Glasgow is a vibrant city not only to work in but live in. It has a real passion for the arts, thanks in part to its universities, but also culture in general. It embraces new ways of working, as well as new businesses. The truth is you can find flexible office spaces all over the United Kingdom, with the potential to find an office space in Liverpool or set yourself up in an office space in Belfast. However, if you’re so inclined, Glasgow could be the perfect Scottish city for you.