5 Reasons a Serviced Office Saves You Time And Money

Serviced office 1 year ago, Reading time: 3 min

From office refurbishments to paying increasingly exorbitant rates and utilities, chances are
that your business is feeling the strain of several financially challenging years.
In answer to your woes, a serviced office can save both time and money in sometimes
surprising ways. Here are five reasons why relocating to a serviced office makes solid
commercial sense.

1. Fitted out, furnished and ready for business
The average office fit-out takes 34 weeks – from proposals to project completion. That’s a
long time and a whole lot of disruption. In the meantime, unless you have a huge premise,
your productivity will take a hit while all sorts of tradespeople come in and out (in and out,
in and out).
Furnished and fully fitted-out, serviced offices can provide you with everything from a single
hot desk to a private floor for your team.

Coming in many shapes and sizes, with very different standards of furnishings and fittings,
not all serviced offices are created equal. We handpicked only the highest end of furniture,
with every crevice and corner styled by interior designers.

2. Fixed Business Rates and Utility Bills
Up, down, up, down. Estimated bills and unexpected price rises can impact the bottom
line… hard.
Energy bills are a huge cost to the average business, and in 2018, the UK suffered no less
than 57 energy price rises. Then there are business rates. They rose by a staggering 26% in
2018 (which handed your online-only competitors a seriously unfair advantage).
At Clockwise, rates and utility bills are included and in business, predictable outgoings are EVERYTHING.

3. Flexibility to grow or downsize
Growing, quickly? It’s not always good news. Outgrowing your business premises can make
every 9-to-5 a challenge, harming productivity and compromising health and safety.
Scaling is notoriously tricky. It requires financing and can be a risk in itself if the growth isn’t
as stable as you’d hope (which, let’s face it, is true of many businesses).
On the flip side, if hard times come along and you need to rapidly downscale, moving from a
larger-than-you-need business premises can be a cost that you don’t need (just as the
logistics will sap time that should be better spent on turning things around).
A serviced office hands business owners the flexibility they need to reduce the space they’re
paying for within 30 days. This isn’t just good news for your balance sheet, it can mean the
difference between business survival and hitting the commercial skids.

4. Maintenance costs? Forget them.
With serviced offices, EVERYTHING is included. That means no more emergency plumbers
(or giving your staff a day off). No blocked toilets to deal with yourself. No gardeners,
cleaners or tech people to pay (sometimes when you didn’t expect to). All of which not only
means a financial saving, but also cutting the time it takes to deal with phone calls, invoices
and instructions.

5. Happy, smiley and rather talented reception staff to welcome your guests
Receptionists keep a business ticking. They lighten the load from employees who can be
more focused on their work (without interruption), and provide the polished welcome your
clients deserve.
But employing reception staff simply isn’t logical for the smaller of businesses, while for the
larger ones choosing the right talent (who boast everything from managing customer
emotions to military-level time management) can be a tough call.
We might be biased, but serviced office receptionists are one-of-a-kind. Picked for their
uncanny ability to speak to all kinds of callers (from web design customers to demanding
legal clients), we think that they’re the creme de la crème of receptionists.

The Clock is ticking. In business, time is money.