5 Productivity Hacks to Help You Make the Most of Your Time

Serviced office 2 years ago, Reading time: 3 min

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand. It’s why there’s such a vast gulf between a motivated and productive day over one where you feel that you achieved little. Productivity isn’t always solely about how much work you have done, and factoring in peripheral elements like a lack of motivation and happiness shows that finding strategies to promote productivity is essential.

If you’re looking for ways to spend your workday much more productively, then these five hacks might just transform your working life for the better. Whether you’re in a city-centre head office or shared hot desking space, looking at your productivity strategies is the key to better work management.

  • Plan your day

Having a plan is always your first step. Ideally, at the end of every workday, you should create a list of tasks that need completing. Doing so will make it much faster to switch into work mode when you arrive at the office the next morning. Make sure that you do not overstuff tasks into your daily schedule, and ensure that they are all manageable. If there are items on your list that require work to be completed elsewhere, allow for delays and make sure that you have other tasks to focus on.

  • Find a suitable work environment

Not every workplace is conducive your productivity. In the modern age, you have a wide variety of options available to you if your current office is having a negative impact on your work output. If you work from home, finding motivation can be very challenging, and not everyone can feel productive in a central office. It’s why co-working is becoming so popular! With a number of office types available, hot desking has numerous advantages over other options. Whether you’re looking at an office to rent in Glasgow or co-working in Belfast, you can easily find the type of work environment that you need.

  • Ignore your smartphone

Although they are an increasingly essential tool for the modern business owner, don’t let your phone become a distraction., Responding to every conversation as soon as it arrives can very easily interrupt your workflow, and make it harder to focus on the tasks at hand. There are apps which can help you reduce your need to check your phone constantly, but the simplest way of learning to let go of it is to turn off your notifications. Schedule phone time into your daily diary and your productivity will show dramatic improvements.

  • Schedule when to check your email

As with smartphones, emails can be a frustrating distraction. They can also be very hard to ignore, especially if you’re working freelance and are waiting for a new order to come through. Like phones, it’s vital that you don’t allow emails to interrupt your workflow. Schedule set times of day into your timetable so that you are able to check and respond to emails at the right time.

  • Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is the fastest way to reduce your productivity. When you’re not wholly focused on each task, you’re not giving it the right amount of attention. Multitasking is the bane of modern work-life, and you should minimise it as much as possible. Stick to your list of tasks and work your way through them one at a time. You’ll feel much more satisfaction ticking those items off than you will by doing unfocused work on a number of them. Concentrate on a single task at a time, and both your motivation and productivity will soar.

Having an unproductive day means that you finish work feeling unsatisfied, and can affect your time management for the rest of the week. Always look for ways to improve your motivation, and ensure that your productivity remains as positive as possible.